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Power Inverter Phlilippines

48V Inverter Charger 300+300Off Grid Solar Power Inverters For Home

On Off Grid Inverter 3KW 48V to 230Vac

Sigineer Power offers a vast selection of  Power Inverter Philippines ranging from 600W 1000W to 12KW for car, home, off grid solar systems, emergency backup, household application etc.
The electrical system in Philippines operates at 220 Vac 60 Hz.
Our 220Vac DC to AC power inverters that will drive power tools and appliances off-the-grid in the Philippines.
Our transformer based inverter chargers with transfer switch (UPS function) is the best answer to Philippines’ frequent blow-outs and power failures.
These off grid power solutions work great for non-polluting mobile or backup electrical systems.

These power inverter Philippines can be built with automatic voltage regulation to cope with the fluctuating voltages. The inverter charger with AVR will regulate input voltage from 150-270Vac to 230Vac+/-10%.

The battery priority mode is especially helpful for systems in that it make dc to ac inverter consume power first from solar panel, then battery, and lastly from utility power or a generator.
Our high quality solar panels can help owners to optimize the rich solar radiation in the region.
We offer 30, 60, 120 and 270 watt solar panels at the lowest price possible to work with our power inverter Philippines.

Our Philippines Power Inverter can be built with optional MPPT solar charge controllers, with battery voltage of 12V 24V 48V at 40A or 60A output .

We regularly keep a range of stock of wholesale solar inverters for prompt shipping from China to Mero Manila to  suit the urgent needs of our growing list of  clients.

We currently serve customers in Philippines. We are also expanding our local distribution network in Philippines, our inverters are available in local stores. If you are an experienced off–grid renewable energy retailer or distributor in Philippines, please contact us at


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