Sigineer Power’s Low Frequency Solar Inverter line starts from 4000 watt with popular models at 6000 watt and 12,000 watt.
They convert 48Vdc to 110/220V 120/240Vac split phase.

The M6048D is built with 80A MPPT solar charger and the M12048D is built with 2 pcs of 60A MPPT solar charger. These MPPT charger is built with a wide PV open circuit voltage of 250vdc and high tracking and conversion efficiency over 98%.

Low frequency Solar inverter gets the name of “low frequency” because they use high speed power transistors to invert the DC voltage to AC power, and it drives transistors at the same power frequency (60 Hz or 50Hz) as the AC sine wave power output voltage. That is much lower than the high frequency inverters working at a few hundreds of thousands Hz or more.

A LF solar inverter has H-bridge PWM directly from battery lines feeding into a low frequency heavy-duty transformer to boost AC voltage from a low level up to 120/240 vac. The low frequency transformer has a secondary function to provide most of the PWM filtering to sine wave.

Thanks to the built-in heavy duty transformer, the M series low frequency solar inverter has a 300% surge output power for 5 second and can absorb the electrical surges from inductive loads like motors, pumps, and torque-related tools. Thus, the LF inverter charger is more reliable and better than the high frequency inverter.

Currently, the two models are being tested for UL1741 and CSA22.2, we will launch the UL listed version around May in 2022.