Automatic Neutral-to-Ground Connection

Some of Sigineer Power’s inverters can be built with optional automatic neutral-to-ground switching. These inverters use an internal relay that automatically connects the AC neutral output to the vehicle/boat’s safety ground(“bonding” it) in Inverter Mode and disconnects it (“un-bonding” it) when they have connected to a qualified external AC source. This design avoids two neutral-to-ground […]

High frequency vs low frequency pure sine wave inverter & difference explanation

High frequency vs low frequency pure sine wave inverter & difference explanation There are two types of power inverters on the market: low frequency inverter and high frequency inverter. No matter the inverter is high or low frequency, there are pros and cons for each design. By definition, Low frequency power inverters got the name of […]

What is power inverter ? How does an inverter work ?

What is power inverter ? A power inverter is an electrical device that converts/changes direct current(DC) usually from batteries into alternating current (AC) to drive AC appliances such as electric lights, microwaves, power tools, TVs, kitchen appliances, radios, computers etc . The input DC voltage, output AC voltage and frequency, and overall power handling depend on […]

Find your must have power inverter for solar & hybrid systems

Since our outset, we’ve been kept being asked by customers about the ruggedness and toughness of Sigineer Power inverter chargers . And we’d like to elaborate why Sigineer power inverter is your must have power inverter for critical applications including solar & hybrid systems . Although there are other Chinese power inverters of similar boxes and seemingly close […]