The inverter shop for 600w to 12KW inverter chargers

The inverter shop from Siginner Power is being launched online to facilitate the purchasing of its comprehensive line of 600 watt to 12KW power inverters.

We aim to provide with the best value power inverters for off the grid homes with rock solid  1 year international warranty for our standard products and 5 year warranty for UL listed inverters.

We carry pure sine power inverters in different amps, watts and volts.

We have single phase 120/230Vac model, split phase models with 240v input and 120/240V output and custom inverter models with 120Vac input and 240Vac output.

If you need DC to AC conversion for Emergency, Solar, Wind , or Industrial purposes, we have the perfect ones!


The inverter shop features the pure sine wave inverter, modified sine wave inverters,  inverter/charger & solar inverters built with the latest inverter technology at low prices and high quality in China.

All inverters are efficient, reliable, specifically well built to survive the tough climates.

They are covered by a rock solid replacement warranty and dedicated Sigineer customer service team so you can buy an inverter with the expert back you up.

List below is our offering in the inverter shop

UL listed inverter charger

12V inverter chargers

24V inverter chargers

48V inverter chargers

220V 50Hz inverter chargers

Split Phase inverter chargers

Pure Sine Power Inverters

Modified Sine Wave Power Inverter

Stackable Power Inverter


We  also have some unique models such as

220V 50Hz Inverter Chargers 300+3004000 watt 12Vdc 120Vac Pure Sine Wave Inverter Charger

220V 50Hz Inverter Chargers 300+3006000 watt 48Vdc 120Vac Split Pure Sine Wave Inverter Charger

Split Phase Inverter Chargers 300+3008000 watt 24Vdc 120/240Vac Split Phase Pure Sine Wave Inverter Charger


Contact us at to know more.

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