AC / Battery Priority Mode Switch

Inverter Charger Battery Priority Mode Switch (1)     Inverter Charger Battery Priority Mode Switch (2)

AC/Battery Priority (SW5):

The Sigineer Power inverter chargers are designed with AC/Battery priority switch (DIP switch #5).
Switch the battery priority selector to Position “0” for AC priority mode, Position”1” for battery priority mode. In AC priority mode, when AC input is present, the battery will be charged first, and the inverter will transfer the input AC to power the load. Only when the AC input is stable for a continuous period of 15 days will the inverter start a battery inverting cycle to protect the battery.  After 1 normal charging cycle ac through put will be restored.

When you choose battery priority ( Solar PV Priority ), the inverter will invert from battery despite the AC input.

When the battery voltage reaches the low voltage alarm point which is (0.5Vdc for 12V, 1Vdc for 24V, 2V for 48Vdc) higher than “Low Battery Trip Point”, the inverter will transfer to AC input, charge battery, and switch back to battery when the battery is fully charged. This function is mainly for wind/solar systems using utility power or generator as back up.


Switch # Switch Function Position: 0 Position: 1
SW1(AC Priority) Low Battery Alarm Point 10.5VDC 11VDC
SW1(Battery Priority) 11VDC 12VDC

*2 for 24VDC, *4 for 48VDC


The AC/Battery Priority function can be activated by sliding the switch even when the inverter is in operation.


Note: In battery priority mode, when qualified AC inputs for the first time and the battery voltage is below 12.5Vdc (12.5Vdc for 12Vdc, 25Vdc for 24Vdc, 51Vdc for 48Vdc), the inverter will first carry out a cycle of bulk charging and absorb charging, the inverter will not go into float charging mode.

Choosing the battery type selector to “0” will disable the built-in battery charger while still allow transfer through. When battery charger is disabled, if the battery is charged by external DC power to 13.5Vdc (13.5Vdc for 12Vdc, 27Vdc for 24Vdc, 54Vdc for 48Vdc), the inverter will go to battery priority mode again.

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