Off Grid Solar Inverter without Transformer 300 300

Sigineer Power carries Off Grid Solar Inverter without Transformer from 3KW to 5KW.
These off grid solar inverter models don’t have the big heavy-duty transformer commonly seen in a traditional low frequency inverter, thus they are also called transformerless inverters. But strictly speaking, they are not really transformerless. There are small ferrite high frequency transformers, not big heavy iron 50/60 Hz transformers.
They typically drive the switches at a frequency closer to 100 KHz (100,000 times per second) or much higher, thus allowing for a much smaller, more efficient transformer and overall smaller package.
High frequency inverter has a DC to DC boost first stage that steps battery voltage up to around 180-200 vdc. Second stage is PWM H-bridge output MOSFET’s that creates the sinewave PWM profile from the high voltage DC. Then the AC output is filtered to sinewave with a toroid L C filter.

The off grid Solar Inverter without Transformer converts DC from battery and PV to AC, it is a combination of power inverter, solar charger and automatic transfer switch. The transformerless design make them compact and lightweight, making the installation much more flexible.

These inverters have DC input from 24Vdc to 48Vdc and AC output voltage at 120Vac and 230Vac. They have different PV input Voc (voltage of open circuit), range from 150Vdc to 450Vdc.

The M3048BP and M5000H-BP inverters can work without batteries, this helps users to harvest power directly from solar array to power loads and eliminate the need for initial battery investment.

They can be stacked up to 6 pcs to increase power, form split phase, or generate three phase.

The BMS port on these inverters can communicate with Sigineer Power LiFePO4 batteries