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UL Listed Inverter Charger

UL Listed Inverter Charger ( UL458 / UL 1741 / CSA C22.2) COMPLIANCE WITHOUT COMPROMISE ! Being an OEM ODM power inverter supplier, Sigineer Power manufactures UL listed inverter charger to UL458 or UL 1741 under our customer brands, currently Sigineer Power doesn’t carry any UL listed inverter charger under its own name. These UL […]

AC Coupled Inverter Charger

Sigineer Power’s AC coupled inverter is off-grid, it can keep your grid-tie PV system working at blackouts. Most grid-tie system are useless when the grid fails. They shut down at the very moment that the power is most needed. This does not need to be the case. One way to ensure that a PV array […]

Sigineer Power Launches Off Grid 4KW to 12KW Solar Inverters UL1741 & CSA 22.2 Certified to the United States & Canadian Markets

Solar inverter is the heart of a solar system. Certified solar inverters give homeowners and installers increased reliability and optimized performance to meet the ever-changing residential power needs. In May 2022, Sigineer Power has launched a new line of off grid solar inverters certified to UL1741 & CSA 22.2 to the United States & Canadian […]


Here is the RV INVERTER INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS about How to Install An Inverter in Your RV.   Outdoor enthusiasts usually finding having reliable power in their RV is a must to make it feel like “home”, and this is usually where an inverter comes into play. As a vital electrical device, an inverter will convert […]

AGS for M series Solar Inverters

New AGS for M Series Solar Inverters We’ve updated our AGS feature in Sep 2021, pls refer to this post for details.   The M 3KW 6KW 12KW solar inverter is built with a very versatile 3-pin dry contact rated at 3A/250VAC on the rear panel. The internal relays of the dry contact will give […]

Important wiring instruction for split phase inverter chargers with floating neutral

Important wiring instruction for split phase inverter chargers with floating neutral You may have come across the terms “floating” and “bonded” neutral. While they sound obscure to most people knowing little about electrical engineering, they are an important factor when hooking up inverter chargers. For Sigineer Power’s split phase inverter chargers, they are NOT UL1741 […]