Power Inverter for Botswana and Zimbabwe Solar Power Systems

Power inverters are the critical  for solar power systems in Botswana and Zimbabwe which are frequently troubled by utility irregularities.

Many communities in Botswana & Zimbabwe are without access to power, this will be changed by our affordable power solutions. We have a full range of power products working at Zimbabwe and Botswana’s 230Vac 50Hz electrical system.

The Sigineer Power products are popular in Botswana such as powering a well system, running power tools at construction site and driving lights, refrigerators and fans in the house.

Home and business owners of Botswana and Zimbabwe will know with glad that their government offers several renewable energy tax incentives to encourage the purchase of renewable products of solar inverters, solar panels.

Our off grid pure sine solar inverter chargers are of particular popularity throughout Africa because of the reliability in harsh environments with fluctuating voltages up to 270Vac and high ambient.

These 220Vac 50Hz inverters works well with unreliable power grid with a wide input range of 150V to 270Vac,  these units switch from grid to battery automatically when the utility voltage falls out of this range or these is a power outage.

Our standard inverter charger works with ambient temp of 40 degrees Celsius, the tropical version of it works in 60 degrees Celsius without any derating in the output. As for the competing models, there would either be a 20% power output or frequent over temp shutdowns.

We sell 270 watt solar panels,batteries, cables, solar charge controllers with MPPT for setting up a complete off-grid, mobile and/or backup power systems at the lowest cost possible.



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