Transfer Switch of Inverter Charger

While in the Standby Mode, the AC input of the inverter is continually monitored. Whenever AC power falls out of the trip voltages, the inverter automatically transfers back to the Invert Mode with minimum interruption to your appliances.

The transfer from Standby mode to Inverter mode occurs in approximately 6 milliseconds, with the worst case of 10 milliseconds. And it is the same time from Inverter mode to Standby mode.

Though it is not designed as a computer UPS system, this transfer time is usually fast enough to hold them up as devices like computers can generally tolerate a max power loss of 20ms.

There is a 15-second delay from the time the inverter senses that continuously qualified AC is present at the input terminals to when the transfer is made. This delay is built in to provide time for a generator to spin-up to a stable voltage and avoid relay chattering. The inverter will not transfer to generator until it has locked onto the generator’s output. This delay is also designed to avoid frequent switch when input utility is unstable.

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