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Inverter Chargers
Did you ever need a DC to AC power inverter with battery charger, or more, with a built-in automatic transfer switch? We have a huge selection of quality pure sine wave inverter charger transfer switch included for your selection, they are an all in one power package designed for multiple applications. It converts DC power to AC in battery mode, and when AC input power is available, it automatically switches the loads to AC power and charges a battery bank. There are two input power sources, DC and AC. When connected to AC power(generator/shore power), the unit will bypass the AC power through it to loads while keep the batteries charged. Once the AC power is absent, generator cutoff or shore power failure, the inverter will automatically switch to the DC battery source.
Sigineer Power boasts to be the most professional private labelling manufacturer of pure sine wave inverter charger transfer switch in China with a wide range of standard power inverters and custom power inverters that can meet your demand. As a private label inverter factory, we are extensively experienced in global inverter market and got CE, SONCAP, TUV, UL458, UL1741 and ETL listings for our Inverter Chargers.
Our pure sine wave inverter charger outputs pure sine wave with extraordinarily low THD which matches or even surpasses their high frequency counterparts.
This clean smooth power signal closely resembles the shore power, or even better in some cases.
The pure sine wave inverter charger transfer switch is available in 600 watts to 12,000 watts, they are capable of offering stable AC power for your home or business from battery banks.
They also work well for RV inverter systems, motorhome ,camping world or boat applications.
The built-in 3 ways automatic transfer switch manages the AC power input and switches to the battery in the event of AC power loss.
With a typical transfer time of 10 milliseconds, these transfer switch in inverter chargers is great for complex electronics or an emergency backup power for your home or business as it can easily hold your computer up without data loss.
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