5 DIP Switches Functionality Explaination

5 DIP Switches on inverter charger

5 DIP Switches on inverter charger

The 5 DIP Switches on Sigineer Power inverter chargers control inverters configurations including :
1 low battery voltage shutdown
2 AC input voltage range
3 Power saver mode / Unit Off Charging
4 output frequency switch of 50 or 60 Hz
5 AC/battery priority mode

The battery priority mode prioritizes the DC over AC, which means the inverter will only switch to utility power when the battery power goes low.
The Auto Generator Start allows a standby generator to be started by the inverter and kick in when the battery voltage drops low enough to alarm.
Both are great features for renewable energy power systems.

The output frequency of the inverter can be set at either 50Hz or 60Hz by SW4 which makes the inverter charger an international model for most electricity systems.
There are some 50Hz inverter chargers which automatically detect the input frequency of 60Hz and adjust the output frequency from 50Hz to 60Hz.
The auto frequency detecting sounds cool, but works poorly when you have no 60Hz power input for it.
Because these 50Hz models will only output 50Hz by default when it is restarted without AC input.

After years of consist engineering and improving, these unique features are now exclusively available from Sigineer Power on these 5 DIP switches.

Contact us at [email protected] if you have any questions.

Switch # Switch Function Position: 0 Position: 1
SW1(AC Priority) Low Battery Trip Point 10.0VDC 10.5VDC
SW1(Battery Priority) 10.5VDC 11.5VDC
SW2(230Vac) AC Input Range 176-242Vac±4% 164-264Vac(40Hz+)±4%
SW2(120Vac) AC Input Range 100-135Vac±4% 90-135Vac(40Hz+)±4%
SW3 Power Save Override ON/OFF Unit Off Charging Power Saver On( 3 sec)
SW4 Frequency Switch 50Hz 60Hz
SW5 Battery/AC Priority AC Priority Battery Priority
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