Install Intelligent, Efficient and Competent Single Phase 10kw Inverter and Converter System

Every electrical and electronic device requires a source of power. Such is the dependence of human being on these sophisticated devices that disruption in the power supply often brings our activities to standstill. Power inverter is a suitable solution that converts direct current (DC) into alternative current (AC). It is also commonly referred to as power converter. This DC to AC alteration enables the operation of AC electrical appliances on DC power sources such as batteries. Power inverter and converter system is a versatile solution that provides freedom to use AC appliance almost anywhere. The single phase inverter and converter power system is now a must have device not only for homeowners but also for vehicle owners to drive the 120Vac or 230Vac equipments.

Discerned customers opt for such single phase inverter that is competent to bear extreme load. The Sigineer single phase inverter are designed to deliver the continuous power output from 600 watts to 12000 watts with 300% power surge.  The Sigineer 10KW inverter is specially designed for large power demand applications, notably, custom power solutions and off grid renewable energy. This heavy duty 10KW inverter is also used in commercial utility vehicles, work trucks for tough loads.

The reliable quality of our inverter will deliver superior performance for several years. 10KW inverter is a smart but heavy duty system. The issues pertaining with high temperature, voltage fluctuations and other harsh conditions are also addressed in the inverter designing and developing.  All our inverters have protection coatings against dust and humidity. The straightforward design makes installation of such systems at your residential and commercial complexes easy and cost effective.

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