Get The Sigineer Whole House Inverter, Have Your Entire Home Backed Up With Solar Energy

Did you just buy a regular power inverter and soon find you are quickly running of its capacity when electricity cuts occur? It is really time for you to source a reliable larger whole house inverter which delivers ample wattage and can keep most demanding loads running in power outages.

Sigineer Power offers some power beasts that can satisfy your most hungry loads.

The whole house inverter line includes 12000 watt inverter, 10000 watt inverter and 8000 watt inverter , with Pure Sine Wave output, 300% surge and UPS Backup capability .

You already know that the main and basic purpose of any power inverter is to convert the DC power to AC power when there is no AC available, but there is an increasing amount of off grid inverter consumers who override the DC power over AC power when they have access to reliable shore power. Why? Because they are harnessing power from renewable power systems and use utility power only as back up.

The Sigineer Power’s whole house inverter is ideal for these applications by virtue of its feasible power priority settings between DC and AC.

This whole house inverter is an all-round player. It will work with both solar energy as well as the power grid.

When it works with solar power, it is an off grid solar inverter. You can choose to build the solar chargers into the whole house inverter or install them externally.

When it uses the home power, it is a UPS, it charges the batteries attached to it and transfer all loads to power grid.

There is an automatic switch in the 12000 watt inverter, 10000 watt inverter and 8000 watt inverter which senses when the grid is not applying power and then switches the inverter into battery mode by itself.

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