Top Tips to follow for choosing Sinusoidal Inverter & Electronic Power Sine Converter

Are you frustrated due to unscheduled power cuts? It is high time to buy Electronic Power Converter to get your home equipments powered up when utility fails.

Electronic power converter works to convert DC into AC, it is popularly named as power inverter as well.

According to the waveforms of the AC output, the power converters can be divided into sinusoidal inverter or pure sine wave inverter, and modified sine wave power inverter.

The sinusoidal inverter delivers power waveform close to shore power, while the modified sine wave power inverter delivers waveform modified or improved from square wave.

But before buying sinusoidal inverter you need to do some research for choosing the apt product that can meet your power need and budget .

Calculate your power consumption

Estimate your daily power requirements as accurately as possible. Find out the rated power and surge power of the loads and the duration of the operation.

Determine the battery capacity

Our sine converter works with 7 types of different of batteries, so it should not be difficult for you to choose the type that best suits your demand.

When calculating the battery bank capacity, be sure to take the inverter efficiency and battery depth of discharge into consideration.

Opt for hassle-free warranty

Since the inverter is a vital part of a sine converter system, choose brands that offer long term warranty and after sales support. Sigineer Power offers 1 year international warranty for the whole sine converter product line.

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