Inverter Soft Start and Overload Capacity

The Sigineer inverter chargers are designed with great overload capability and inverter soft start


Inverter Soft Start in Invert Mode

The inverter is engineered with “Inverter Soft Start” feature.
When the inverter is turned on, the output voltage gradually ramps up from 0VAC to rated voltage in about 1.2 sec. This effectively reduces otherwise very high starting inrush current drawn by AC loads such as Switched Mode Power Supplies and inductive loads. This will result in lower motor inrush current, which means less impact on the loads and inverter.


After the inverter is switched on, it takes a finite time for it to self diagnose and get ready to deliver full power. Hence, always switch on the load(s) after a few seconds of switching on the inverter. Avoid switching on the inverter with the load already switched on. This may prematurely trigger the overload protection. When a load is switched on, it may require initial higher power surge to start. Hence, if multiple loads are being powered, they should be switched on one by one so that the inverter is not overloaded by the higher starting surge if all the loads are switched on at once.


Overload Capacity

The Sigineer inverter chargers have different overload capacities, making it ideal to handle demanding loads.
1 For 110%<Load<125%(±10%), no audible alarm in 14 minutes, beeps 0.5s every 1s in the 15th minute, and Fault(Turn off) after the 15th minute.
2 For 125%<Load<150%(±10%), beeps 0.5s every 1s and Fault(Turn off) after the 1 minute.
3 For 300%≧Load>150%(±10%), beeps 0.5s every 1s and Fault(Turn off) after 20s.

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