Invert Topology of Inverter Charger

All Sigineer Power transformer based inverter/chargers are is built according to the following topology.

Invert: Full Bridge Topology.

Charge: Isolated Boost Topology.

It works bi-directionally: in one direction it converts DC power from the battery to AC power (Inverter Mode) and in the other direction it converts external AC power to DC power to charge the batteries (AC Mode). The same power components are used in both directions, resulting in high-energy transfer efficiency with fewer components.

Please note that the inverter/charger can only work in one direction at one time (i.e. it can not work as an inverter and as a charger at the same time).

When operating in invert mode, the direct current (DC) that enters the inverter from the batteries is filtered by a large input capacitor and switched “On” and “Off” by the Metal Oxide Silicon Field Effect Transistors (MOSFET) at a rate of 50 Hz or 60Hz, in this step the DC is converted to low voltage synthesized sine wave AC using an H-bridge configuration and high frequency PWM (Pulse Width Modulation) technique. It is then directed into the transformer which steps the low AC voltage up to 220/230/240 or 100/110/120 volts.

The unit has a 16bit, 4.9MHZ microprocessor to control the output voltage and frequency as the DC input voltage and/or output load varies.

Because of high efficiency MOSFETs and the heavy transformers, it outputs PURE SINE WAVE AC with low THD.

The peak efficiency of the Sigineer inverter charger varies on models, with an exceptional high DC to AC efficiency of 92% on our 3000 watt 24Vac model.

The average efficiency across the line is over 80%.

Warning: Don’t parallel the AC output of the inverters to increase power capacity as they have no stacking functionality.

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