Unit Off Charging

Setting the Sigineer Power Inverter Charger to “Power Saver On” mode and #3 DIP to position “0” will activate the “Unit Off Charging”.
“Unit Off Charging” will enable the inverter charger to charge batteries as much as possible while without discharging them.
In “Unit Off Charging” mode, the inverter will stay in standby mode without sensing loads.
It won’t output any power even if a load is turned on, and only stay idle in this mode when there is no AC input.
When a qualified AC input is present, it will start charging the battery and transfer power to loads.
This feature is ideally suitable for applications where energy conservation for batteries is required.
Charging will be activated once qualified AC exists, while discharging is disabled.

Setting the power switch to “Unit Off” will completely power off the inverter, that is different from  “Unit Off Charging”.

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