Do You Know The Concept Of Modified Sine Wave Power Inverter?

We all know what is pure sine wave inverter is? How it works and operates? But are we clear about Modified sine wave power inverter? Till now I just heard people saying that this product is not as good as pure sine inverter. Before passing the judgment about both the products one needs to understand the pros and cons of them. Maybe MSW power inverter is a good one for the products it is designed for. The key point is to check why it is introduced to the market for which type of products and you will realize that it is not a bad option if your preferences match with its operations. MSW power inverter is designed with lower cost for non-sensitive loads which can work with distorted AC power waveform.

Modified sine wave power inverter are inexpensive units which produce outputs in modified sine waveform, which if precisely observed are more of a modified square waveforms rather than modified pure sine wave. I can say this because these waves are basically in the form of squares with few dead spots in every half cycle of positive as well as negative. The concept of these MSW inverters is about involving the switching techniques in the power, as these techniques are less expensive and more efficient in comparison to PSW. They don’t require high frequency switching power modules since the process switching occurs at the line frequency.

The whole process makes this inverter a more economical one than the pure sine wave ones in the market. They are the best for the resistive loads and generate the power at a very lower rate of price. They are made with a surge capacity of 200% which helps the equipment to work without much of the problems. Sigineer Power carries some modified sine wave power inverter models that can be used as a single unit as well as a Stackable Power Inverter which can work up to 4 units in parallel to increase the output wattage for increasing load wattage.

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