Choose Efficient, Feature Rich Ultimate Quality Power Inverter Systems

The upcoming, smart, potent inverter systems are purposely designed to cater rough needs of customers. It is imperative to assure that power backup system is reliable and can easily cater even the extreme needs of users. If you are the owner of utility truck and Recreational vehicle, Sigineer Power has the ultimate power inverter option for your vehicles. Installing appropriate power inverter system with 1500 watt and transfer switch is a trustworthy package. Thanks to efforts and dedication of inverter manufactures that now specialized models have been deliberately created for trucking industry. Highly efficient and feature packed Pure Sine Wave systems are extremely friendly to your sensitive electronic accessories. Quality inverter systems automatically initiate shut down procedure after sensing adverse situations to avoid any possible damage.

 It is very interesting to note that modern utility truck inverter systems can withstand extreme temperature variations. The UL458 inverter chargers manufactured by Sigineer Power are built in accordance with UL458 standards. They rang from 1KW to 3KW and are equipped with auto transfer switch that allows seamless transfer between DC and AC. The simple design, affordable price range and salient security features project UL458 inverter as a top option for land vehicles. The 1500-watt inverter charger can appropriately shield itself against repeated power surges. In contrast to ordinary, low-end inverters, Pure Sine wave systems of Sigineer Power can endure overloads. These UL458 inverter models have the exceptional feature of 12Vdc remote on/off switch that permits easy control of inverter from a DC source. This specialized model forbids drainage of battery back with its low voltage disconnect (LVD) feature.

The distinguished player of Inverter industry, Sigineer Power is familiar with the challenges, obstructions and key requirements of the end users. This manufacturer has managed to launch feature rich, affordable, high performing, performance guaranteed inverter systems. If you are from Nigeria and have plans to purchase inverter in Lagos, then our 3KW 12V to 220V 5kva inverter is a fine option. Sigineer Power inverter systems are appreciated for delivering stable performance. Sigineer Power is now fulfilling the needs of Asian, African, European and Australian markets. Extensive 1 year international warranty, free tech support and constant availability of spare parts ensure that customer can easily use their backup system.

Sigineer Power has specially designed systems to meet the common scale of household loads. The customer oriented, support team of Sigineer Power is always on standby mode to assist its valuable customers. With extensive experience of over a decade, the name of Sigineer Power is taken with great respect for offering quality power solutions.

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