Automatic Neutral-to-Ground Connection

Automatic Neutral-to-Ground Connection

Some of Sigineer Power’s inverters can be built with optional automatic neutral-to-ground switching.

These inverters use an internal relay that automatically connects the AC neutral output to the vehicle/boat’s safety ground(“bonding” it) in Inverter Mode and disconnects it (“un-bonding” it) when they have connected to a qualified external AC source.

This design avoids two neutral-to-ground connections from existing at the same time, thereby preventing an electrical shock hazard between the vehicle/boat’s neutral and the external AC source’s neutral.

Disabling the Automatic Neutral-to-Ground Connection

In some installations, this feature must be disabled.

To accommodate these situations, the automatic Neutral-to-Ground Connection system can be defeated, so it will not bond the neutral in any mode of operation.

If you are not sure whether you must disable this feature, please refer to your local code requirements.

There is a section of green wire with the insulated connector at the left side of the AC terminal block . This insulated connector connects the neutral and ground inside the inverter while inverting.

Pull the two ends of the insulated connector apart to separate the green wire ; this will prevent the neutral and ground from connecting inside this inverter.

If possible, use electrical tape to insulate the disconnected ends, move the two ends away from each other and push back out of the way. Typically when connecting to a house panel (after disconnecting city power from it) is when you would disconnect this connection as a house panel already has the neutral to ground bond . Typically in a standalone system or in a vehicle, you would want to keep this connection.

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