Low Battery Voltage Shut Down Auto Recovery

The Sigineer Inverter Chargers are designed with Low Battery Voltage Shut Down Auto Recovery

After low battery voltage shut off(10V for 12V model or 20V for 24V model or 40V for 48V model), the inverter is able to automatically restore to work after the battery voltage recovers to 13V/26V/52V(with power switch still in “On” position). This function helps to save the users extra labor to reactivate the inverter when the low battery voltage returns to acceptable range in renewable energy systems.


Never leave the loads unattended, some loads (like a Heater) may cause accidents in such cases.

It is better to shut everything off after low voltage trip than to leave your load in the risk of fire. Nobody wants to return home, finding house surrounded by fire trucks and naughty neighborhood kids toasting hot dogs against his house.

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