Power inverter charger DC / AC fan operation

Sigineer inverter chargers are built with intelligent fans which will operate only when needed.
For 1-3KW models, there is one multiple controlled DC fan.
For 4-6KW models, there are two DC fans or one DC fan one AC fan.
For 8-15KW models, there are two multiple controlled DC fans and one AC fan. The DC fan will work in the same way as the one on 1-3KW, while the AC fan will work once there is AC output from the inverter.
So when the inverter is in power saver mode, the AC fan will work from time to time in response to the pulse sent by the inverter in power saver mode.
The DC fans are designed to operate according to the following logic:


Condition Enter Condition Leave condition Speed
HEAT SINK TEMPERATURE T ≤ 60℃(140℉) T > 65℃(149℉) OFF
65℃(149℉)≤ T < 85 ℃(185℉) T ≤ 60℃(140℉) or T ≥ 85℃(185℉) 50%
T > 85℃(185℉) T ≤ 80℃(176℉) 100%
20%< I ≤ 50%Max I≤ 15% or I > 50%Max 50%
I > 50%Max I ≤ 40%Max 100%
LOAD Percentage


Load < 30% Load ≥ 30% OFF
30% ≤ Load < 50% Load ≤ 20% or Load ≥ 50% 50%
Load ≥ 50% Load ≤ 40% 100%


Allow at least 30CM of clearance around the inverter for air flow. Make sure that the air can circulate freely around the unit.

Fan noise level <60db at a distance of 1m