Settable Low Battery Alarm & Cutoff Voltages

Siginner Power inverter chargers allows the capability of setting different Low Battery Alarm & Cutoff Voltages according to your specific applications.
Deep discharge of the lead acid battery and many others leads to high losses in capacity and early aging. Thus discharging a battery properly according to its characteristics is getting more and more important.
In different applications, different low voltage disconnection level is preferred. For example, for solar and renewable energy application, users many intend to have less DOD(depth of discharge) to prolong the battery cycle life. While for mobile or emergency power backup applications, users many intend to have more DOD to reduce battery capacity and on board weight.
Our inverter chargers are designed with circuit to shut off inverter at adjustable low battery cutoff voltage set points.
For 12VDC model in AC priority mode, the Low Battery Disconnect Volt is set at 10.0VDC at position “0” by default. It can be customized to 10.5VDC using SW1, this is to prevent batteries from over-discharging while there is only a small load applied on the inverter.
This low battery cutout voltages are bought up by 0.5 and 1.0 volt in Battery priority mode, giving the batteries more protection from over discharging.

In AC Priority Mode
SW1 Position: 0 / Low Battery Trip Volt:10.0VDC
SW1 Position: 1 / Low Battery Trip Volt:10.5VDC

In Battery Priority
SW1 Position: 0 / Low Battery Trip Volt:10.5VDC
SW1 Position: 1 / Low Battery Trip Volt:11.5VDC

The Low Battery Volt Alarm voltage is 0.5Vdc higher than cutoff point.

*2 for 24VDC, *4 for 48VDC

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